Конференция МИИГАиК
Section 2
Challenges of Collection, Processing, Analysis, and Protection of Spatiotemporal Data
May 29
10.00 – 13.00

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    Scientific Supervisor of the Section (Expert, Lead)
    Gvozdev O.G. (Candidate of Technical Sciences), Bondarev I.N.
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    About the Section
    • Methods and technologies for primary (direct) collection of spatial and spatiotemporal data.
    • Methods and technologies for extracting spatial and spatiotemporal data from other types of data, including images and video streams.
    • Theoretical, technological, and organizational foundations:
      • ensuring consistency and compatibility of spatial and spatiotemporal data from various sources
      • interoperability of processing systems
      • integration of sets and streams of spatial and spatiotemporal data from various sources, different scales, spatial resolutions, channel-spectral structures, including remote sensing data, geolocation data, data from geosensor networks
    • Methods and algorithms for processing and analyzing spatial data, big spatial data, spatiotemporal data streams, and geofields.
    • Application of machine learning methods, data analysis, knowledge extraction, and artificial intelligence technologies.
    • Methods and technologies for ensuring the information security of spatiotemporal data and systems processing them against information leaks, unauthorized access, anonymization, and encryption.
    • Methods for accounting and managing uncertainty arising during primary measurements, due to technical limitations and environmental variability, as well as during their processing and analysis.
    • Software engineering issues in the processing of spatial and spatiotemporal data systems.
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 (Moscow Time)